Empresa Turistíca de Autobuses S.A


Service letter

Empresa Turística de Autobuses, S.A.U. is is a company devoted to, for over half a century, regular and optional transport of travelers by road. It has acquired a large presence in the sector, covering all the areas and tasks related to it, since the activity of maintenance and repair of the fleet until the supply of fuel and spare parts.

The Direction has a full commitment to quality and environmental preservation, according to the standards UNE EN ISO 9001 and UNE EN ISO 14001, which main objective is the continuous improvement of the performance of organizational processes.

In order to meet this goal it develops both, policy and environmental quality, which sets out the principles which govern our management:

  • Plan and develop our services in compliance with legal requirements, regulatory, internal, those specific to each client, and any other requirements that we apply, in each of our actions. We take a special commitment to prevent pollution and minimize waste generated as possible in the development of our activities as well as control of consumption of natural resources and raw materials. We use recyclable materials wherever possible to contribute effectively to sustainable development without environmental degradation.
  • Continuously improve all processes, increasing their efficiency, and eliminating the costs of non-quality
  • Achieve an optimal state of the fleet maintenance adapting to the needs of the moment.
  • Identify and assess environmental aspects that occur in the development of our activities.
  • Establish goals and targets for continuous improvement of environmental protection, developing plans for the minimization of environmental aspects and impacts that may occur.
  • Promote in suppliers and subcontractors to the same principles of environmental protection and improvement.
  • Share this policy to staff of the company, as well as the objectives and achievements, to raise awareness and training staff for carry out their duties responsibly to protect the environment.
  • Promote environmental communication with stakeholders.
  • Environmental protection as joint initiative of the Direction and Staff.
  • Ensure that environmental principles required or demanded by our customers (and users) are taken into account and available for meet the appropriate channels.

Coslada, January 2011

S.A.U. Juan de la Cierva, 46 28823, Coslada Madrid - 91 669 95 72

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