Empresa Turistíca de Autobuses S.A


Our Commitment to Environment

Empresa Turística has an environmental management system based on UNE-EN ISO 14001:2004 standard and it is certified by the Certification Service of Madrid Chamber of Commerce to the extent of urban, interurban, regular and optional travelers and road maintenance vehicle fleet. It has been certified too by the National Accreditation Institution (Entidad Nacional de Acreditación ENAC). First certification was obtained in 2005 and has been successfully renewed year after year.

Our Commitment to Environment
We work constantly to improve the methods used relating to the Environment in all areas of our business. Thus, our work and awareness is established both in the maintenance of vehicles (controlling the quality of our raw materials and waste management) and the use of energy sources and other materials.

Environmental management is integrated into our cars:

  • We meet emissions regulations imposed by European Directives.
  • We keep strict maintenance plans looking for the lowest damage possible.
  • We are working on the renewal of the fleet by model Euro V, which employ AdBlue, product trademark AUS32 (urea dissolution at 32.5%) in order to reduce emissions of oxides of nitrogen caused by the leaks from diesel vehicles.
  • We choose raw materials (lubricants, coolants...) to increase vehicle performance to achieve lower consumption and a reduction of waste generated.
  • We remove all residues of our cars before stopping use.
  • The external cleaning of the vehicles took place in a car wash that recovers 80% of water used. We minimize resource consumption.
  • Approved providers manage all waste generated.
  • We strictly mot our vehicles to ensure that the mechanical state is correct and the level of pollutant emissions is below legal limits.

Environmental management is integrated into our facilities:

  • We have waste storage areas well insulated to prevent spills and uncontrolled pollution.
  • We manage through a variety of greases and oil separators all spills; even performing a double processing in most important effluents.
  • It also made regular contributions in different decanters of hydrocarbon degraders bio-enzymatic to minimize the contribution of oil into the network plumbing.
  • We look for biodegradable products for cleaning facilities and vehicles.
  • We secrete the paper used in offices order to recycle.
  • We keep current emergency plans to respond to any possible incident.
S.A.U. Juan de la Cierva, 46 28823, Coslada Madrid - 91 669 95 72

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